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What would it look like for you to communicate with your clients with conviction and vision? How would you feel to finally be able to walk away from hitting send on an email and have certainty in knowing that your thoughts and heart were shared in a way that would leave your clients and potential clients feeling heard and seen? Can you imagine how freeing it would feel to know that your words were fully and deeply connected with your vision and totally in alignment with the heart behind your business?

How many hours and days have you wasted trying to craft the perfect social media post for it to only fall apart once you hit post? What about all of that time wasted trying to design graphics for your business? I bet one of your goals for your business isn't to waste time - I bet you want to make an impact and maximize your platform to help foster and build up your community... and I can help you do that by integrating perfectly aligned content in a way that will increase your visibility and recognition thus allowing you to make impact!

meet sharon elizabeth

I prefer nights in to nights out and cuddling is my favorite past-time, with writing and journaling a close second! On any given day, you can catch me with a pen in my hand and my heart on my sleeve!

I believe in the white picket fence - in the butterflies and in the romantic sweep you off of your feet kind of love. I believe your marriage is more important than your wedding day. I believe that we all have a story to share but sometimes we struggle to get our words on paper. 

So we stay silent... but I believe our voice matters. Our community needs to hear from us and I find great joy in helping others connect their heart with their content.

150 per month

250 per month

350 per month

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where hearts are connected with content


5 x per week

5 x per week

2 x per month


5 x per week social media content creation
1 x per month content photo shoot
10 branded graphic designs
2 x per month newsletter (or blog) content creation
10 branded communication templates

550 per month


In need of other strategies like website copy, brand voice, questionnaires, or customized email templates for other situations - or maybe you need help with social media captions!

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Let's work our way through customizing your on-boarding process so that you turn those inquiries into bookings!



Perfectly crafted 'about me' so that your heart and your mission come to life in a way that your ideal clients can connect with you

About me


Customized email that you can send to an inquiring prospect or current client that will help build trust and authority.

Email template


Communication Strategies

your heart and voice written out with purpose



I can't wait to learn more about your vision and the heart behind your business!